Save Money, Have Fun – Be Happier! is your super-friendly, money saving community where you can find, vote on and share money saving deals, freebies and competitions with others just like you.

Our Mission

We founded in September 2012 with one mission in mind: To make you savvier, so you can be Happier.

Why do we think that being savvier will make you happier?

  1. As a nation we pour millions, even billions down the drain in unnecessary charges simply because we aren’t knowledgeable enough to get the best deal
  2. Millions of us are financial trouble
  3. It’s extremely hard to be happy when you are in debt and worry about money
  4. Large corporations are very clever at squeezing money out us

With, you will learn and be inspired to be just a bit savvier so you can stack the cards in your favour again.

Meaning you’ll have more money in your pocket, a healthier bank balance, and a Happier life for you and your family!

What you will get from Happier?

Everything you will need to save money, including:

What we bring to the table

There are some great money saving sites such as and, to name two of the biggest. Both have their strength and weaknesses for example moneysavingexpert is not longer owned by it’s founder Martin Lewis, it was sold in June 2012 for £87m to FTSE listed Moneysupermarket PLC. Whereas, Hotukdeals has little to no money saving advice at all. We feel the time is right for a fresh new approach, which utilises the latest usability techniques to make the fastest, friendliest, content rich site which is super simple to use.

Founding team

The founding team is Julian Hearn, Milos Matovic, Sean McColgan and Tania Dakka. We are super excited about the future for Happier and you can find out more on our Team page.

Our promise to you

  1. No banner ads or advertisements – ever
  2. We will never sell, or giveaway, your email address
  3. The best money saving advice possible
  4. The site will always be free to use
  5. Totally independent and unbiased advice in our guides

For more info read our blog post: – Welcome to the Super Friendly, Money Saving Community