6 Ways to Earn Easy Money!

January 9th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Debt Free in One year

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Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine getting our debts paid off when there is no real way to make extra money. Overtime at your workplace or getting a second job working for Starbucks
is all well and good but if time is stretched as it is and you don’t physically have the opportunities available to you just how do you earn a few extra pennies?
I have listed a few ways that I and some acquaintances have managed to bolster our income. See what could fit for you!


How many times have you looked around your house and told yourself a good spring clean is in order? Why wait until spring! If you were ruthless with toys that are no longer used, clothes that are no long worn and shoes that just aren’t right you could earn some quick money. If you are an eBay virgin ask some friends to show you how it’s done and start selling. There are fees involved so make sure you understand these to avoid nasty surprises. I aim for £155 a month usually being £5 a day. You’d be amazed how much you can earn when you put your mind to it! I managed £200 in 6 weeks last year. Not bad for unwanted items!

Amazon Trade-In

There are a few websites that offer money for old books. I found Amazon to be the most reliable. When you log on you locate the “Trade-In” store and search for the book you want to sell using the ISBN and they tell you how much they are willing to pay you for it. Then let you print a label for free postage. What can be simpler? If the book is not in the condition they require they will send it back to you, other websites I have used will not return the books. I made £44 last time for 22 books on Amazon. You are given a credit note for Amazon though not a cheque – that’s the only catch. Although the last time there was a promotion to sell £10 worth of books and get an extra £5 voucher on top of your earnings. More easy money for all those paperbacks you are done with!

Survey Websites

These are simply websites that give you points for answering daily surveys, watching videos and giving opinions. These points can then be redeemed through various websites from Amazon, Love2Shop, HMV, Debenhams and many more. The most popular would be Toluna, Panelbase, Swagbucks are the best for pay-outs HOWEVER they can be mind-numbing, they might kick you out of a survey saying you are not eligible and it will take time to get some points together. Patience is a virtue when it comes to Survey sites but don’t baulk until you have tired. I have known some to pay for their entire Christmas stock from voucher websites. The key is to do to it in front of a film, play the videos while you watch TV and again be PATIENT!

Cash Back Websites.

Why I hadn’t used these before I do not know. Prior to my LBM ( Light Bulb Moment ) I had heard of these websites and thought they were just another silly scam. Oh no they are not! TopCashBack and Quidco are the most user friendly. You log in and off you go. When deciding to book a holiday, order a delivery from a supermarket or buy some camping gear go to one of these sites first, log in and search for your chosen store. When found it will direct you to your chosen website and you order as normal – BUT you will get paid a percentage in return for using a cash back website. Quidco also allows you to “check-in” when you are in a store and earn a few pennies. It all adds up!

Boots Treat Street

This is a fantastic way to bolster your Boots points. They seem to have changed the structure in Boots itself so you cannot do a part-payment with points and part with cash. If you need a few more points to buy yourself something special log on here with the same boots details you would use on-line and book anything from train tickets to roadside cover and get 1 point for every pound use spend. It does take about 30 days to get added to your card but what better way to earn a few extra points to add to your card and eventually to spend in store and get to that amount you need. 

Tesco Price Promise

Did you realise that Tesco give you money back should you find their products cheaper elsewhere? You need your receipt and you use the Price Promise website. Punch in the details as they ask for them and you will be presented within 24 hours with notification as to whether you are owed money. They usually are quicker than this but you will need a printer to eventually print and scan the coupon for money  they give you back. However if you are lucky enough to find a receipt in the trolley at the supermarket you can grab it, pocket it and scan that – they are not customer specific obviously and you get the rewards. This is called receipt -wombling! Many people now walk around supermarket car parks specifically looking for discarded receipts. 


Just need another £11600 or thereabouts…maybe more! ;-)

Following my last post I have managed to pay off just £930 off my debts. I have utilised each and everyone of these points and have been able to add extra income to my current wage. I have overtime booked every month through work so am very lucky but I cannot ignore the other simple ways of earning.
Even tonight I have added 10 items onto eBay and am price checking three receipts as we speak. If you have debt dear reader you have to be savvy unless you wish to stay where you are. I do not want to stay where I am for any longer and am putting into action ways of getting myself out of debt. I’ve even tried some online currency trading.
Debt reduced from £16600 to £11624 in 3.5 months – Onwards and Upwards!!!

  • Jenny Stocks

    Hi there, I’m looking for people to talk about their experiences of ‘wombling’ and give any tips for a piece in the Daily Mail – if you can help, please get in touch at jenny.stocks@dailymail.co.uk. Thanks!

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