13 Not-So Sexy Ways to Save Money on Heating – That Work!

November 8th, 2012 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money

The temperatures are dropping, but your gas and electric bills are not. Heating your UK home in the middle of winter is no fun and each year the prices go up. British Gas has announced a 6pc increase – with others following closely behind.

And you feel helpless.

But you can fight back.

Become a Happier camper when you use these tips to keep more cash in your pocket this winter with these saving tips.

Enough with the chatter, shall we? Let’s save some pounds!

1. Crank your heat down one degree. Yes, that’s all you need. One degree. And you’ll save almost £40 for the year. Dropping that one degree turns your heater off sooner, so less money is wasted…will you really miss that one degree?

2. Wrap yourself and your pipes. Layer on your clothing since your turning down the heat – and while you’re at it, wrap your pipes to make sure that heat isn’t escaping before it reaches your rooms. Many ducts leak heat out into the spaces around them, by wrapping them, you keep that heat in your ducts, traveling to the rooms you need it in.

3. Decorate behind your radiator with tin foil. The foil behind the radiator reflects the heat back into the room, rather than allowing it to be absorbed by the wall. So tape the tin with the shiny side away from the wall to maximise reflectivity and feel the heat.

4. Keep your clothes off it. Yeah, it’s convenient to throw your clothes over the radiator, but your stopping it from doing its job. Hang your skivvies in your bath and let the radiator warm you instead of them.

5. Check online sites for the cheapest providers. Sites like Uswtich and LoveMoney can help you find the cheapest providers for your electricity and gas for your heating needs. Switching can save you hundreds when you shop around.

6. Check with FuelFighter.co.uk for the latest in fuel oil prices before you order. Enter your post code and the kind of fuel you use and they’ll scan their resources to find you the best price.

7. Direct Debit for savings. Direct Debit takes the amount from your bank account at the same time each month. Because there’s less paperwork involved, you receive the savings as a discount on your bill.
Invest in a smart thermostat.

8. A smart thermostat regulate the temperature in your home more efficiently than running it up and down yourself. The small price you’ll pay for the new unit will pay for itself with your heating savings.

9. Turn of immersion heaters if you have a centralised system and a boiler. If you’re running both heating systems, you’re paying twice. Turn off the immersion heaters to save dearly.

10. Insulate everything. Block up draughty rooms and doorways, install insulation in your loft, and line your windows with Low E film, insulate your walls. Insulation will keep more of the heat your heater generates in your home instead of letting it escape (along with your pounds!).

11. Check to make sure your meter’s read and not estimated. Many times, your bill estimation is off – costing you pounds. Get your meter read to be sure you’re not overpaying.

12. Close your curtains at dusk. Keep your heat inside as the temperatures outside cool. And using insulated curtains will improve their performance even more. For a DIY insulated curtain, hang a shower rod over your current drapes and hang thermal fabrics or blankets over them to help make your curtains more efficient at keeping you warm and saving you money.

13. Open the doors to sunny rooms and let that solar warmed air circulate. The warmer the sun makes your home, the less your heater has to work. And you know what that means!

There you go! Get savvier UK, get Happier this winter with your new savings plan!

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