27 Money Saving Tips for the 2013 Wedding Trends

January 3rd, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money

She floats down the isle amidst petals and perfume in a backless one-of-a-kind Vera Wang gown. The orchestra plays in the background as she exchanges romantic glances with the one man she’s been dreaming of all her life.

Her parents sitting, on the front row, watch on as Debbie (the most gorgeous bride ever) marries Dave (the most wonderful husband-to-be ever) take the vows that will forever bond them together.

Then, they dance off into the sunset as their guests stay behind to finish off the delicious food and enjoy the exciting party that Deb put together.

Yeah, that’s every brides dream, right? That dream could cost upwards of £21,000 according to The Guardian (Not exactly a Happier wedding, is it?)

But don’t let a silly thing like a budget stop you from having your dream wedding. We’re going to cover the tips that are going to give you that Happier wedding that you’ve always hoped for.

2013 Wedding Trends and Money Saving Tips

1. Plan everything yourself – Save your spending for things like venue and catering, and plan the details on your own, don’t hire a planner. Print your own guide online from The Knot. If you plan everything you will also be able to keep a very close eye on all the wedding costs.

2. Use your or your friend’s craft skills – If you are or know someone who is crafty, don’t hire out services that you can take care of yourself: from invitations to decorations. (The key to handling that insanity is to do it bit by bit – and never put anything off!).

3. Hire out the food, but check on prices for plates and buffeted. You may be surprised at the result.

4. Skip the servers. Let your guests serve themselves. New trends have guests serving themselves at stations and buffets.

5. Skip the DJ. Put together a couple of your own CD or your own playlist and let your brother be in charge of the music.

6. Hire a photographer, but let them go early. Have them do the wedding and reception pictures early on so you can save money on the hourly hire.

So, now you have your numbers in order, let’s get to the deets, shall we?


7. Send invites via facebook – Instead of spending on super heavy invitations that include save the date cards, RSVP cards and envelopes, take your wedding online! Setup a Facebook Page for your event and send out less fussy invites that include the link to your page. Let your recipients like the page and RSVP there. You’ll save money on invitations and you can keep your guests up-to-date on the wedding events.

8. Shop the sales. Check out special sale sections of websites like Brides and Groom Direct. You can get the for as little as under a pound each. Include your new Facebook Page and skip the extras.

Your dress.

Your dress is your crowning jewel in your wedding party, but it doesn’t have to cost as much.

9. Check second hand stores and sites like Preloved, Freecycle, and more for your dream dress at a bargain price.

10. Or check Oxfam, a charity that receives designer gowns that normally cost around £1000 and sells them for as little as £80.

11. Be open to ideas. If you’re open to different styles, you’ll be able to settle on a gorgeous gown that’s less expensive than what you’d hoped.

12. Go for the unusual. The more mainstream a dress is, the more expensive it will be. Look outside the norm to be creative and save money.

Venue is a key expense.

According to UK Wedding Belles, venue, after the honeymoon, the venue is the second biggest expense.

13. Negotiate. Be prepared to walk away from a venue if the price isn’t right. Don’t let them see that you really want it and they’ll be more likely to cut you a deal on your rate.

14. Choose off-the-beaten path venues like parks, Arabian Tent rentals, shark aquariums, and more. Select places where you can have the ceremony and the reception in the same hall to save separate rental fees.

Decorate your venue.

15. Keep decorations powerful by keeping them simple. Once you’ve booked your venue, keep your decorations powerful by keeping them simple.


16. Decorate the tables yourself – You can pick up your own material and make your table covering or runners to decorate your tables, rather than hire them.

17. You can do the same for the napkins, as well. As long as you’re willing to think outside the box, you’ll save more.

18. You can even pick up some organza rolls and make chair bows to decorate your seating for as little as 3.08 at Wedding Mall.

Table decorations

You can make or break your party with your tabletop settings. And many traditional settings look fussy and overdone. Reshape the way you think about wedding party decor and reshape your spending.

19. Make your own – You can choose to make your own decorations at a fraction of the cost of hired or pre-made ones. Simple glass jars filled with colored water and floating candles flanked by flowers will scream elegance.


20. Speaking of flowers, skip them. Well, at least restrict them to your bouquet and your wedding party’s corsages or bouquets. Opting for pricey table and venue decorations will skyrocket your price tag, even though flowers are fairly inexpensive, it’s the arrangement time that costs money.

21. You have to have music, right? You could hire out someone to play your music for you, or you could hire live music. Yes, you can. Look for local talent who are trying to gain exposure. They’ll usually work cheaper and sound just as good as a long time pro.

What about the food? No doubt that food is a big expense with weddings. But, if you’ve been playing your cards right, you should be able to splurge a bit here.

Try new trends in foods.

22. Try food stations. Recently, receptions have been offering things like Mashed Potato Stations, Taco Stations, or even Meat Stations. These are separate areas where the guests get to “build their own”. They’re fun and creative ways to entertain your guests.

23. Have a daytime wedding. If you want to save on the food, have a daytime wedding because food for lunches are cheaper to serve than sit-down dinners and heavy hors d’oeuvres.

24. Limit your alcohol service to only beer and wine.

25. Serve only one signature drink that you and your new spouse love.

26. Opt for a simpler cake. Yes, the three tiers are lovely, but for a small wedding, you don’t need more than one or two tiers.

Finally, let’s talk about the honeymoon.

This is your big ticket breaker.

27. Choosing a modest escape like a quaint cabin in the Scotch Highlands can be just as rewarding as the most expensive retreat to the US Caribbean, after all, it’s about the one your with, not where you’re going, right?

2013 is the year for elegance and style for weddings. It’s also the year for DIY money saving weddings. But how do you have elegance with DIY – it’s easy. With elegance, less is more. More means money saving and being Happier!

What tips can you share for saving on a wedding?

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