8 ways to have free fun on your bike

September 8th, 2014 - Posted by in Blog, Happier Life

“Mum, mum I want a bike.”

I think every parent has heard this demand; you probably screamed it when you were younger. It starts at about the age of three. And I guess mums around the word have done something right: because avid cyclers have created and learned to play a variety of different sports using the bicycle.

You could even go so far as to say that the biker’s world has opened up, and it goes far beyond the bike trails. Not only can you become a serious free rider, downhill shredder or cross-country grafter, but you can do so much more as well. You can do everything from BMX trick riding to shooting hoops and doing gymnastics. The following are a few bike sports that you can learn to do with your bike. Developing a love of cycling whilst studying can help you after your studies. Did you know that cycle to work schemes save you money, make you healthier, and can even make you better at your job by enhancing your mental prowess.

Let’s take a look at some of the cycling sports you could fall in love with.

Cycling Football

Yes, there is such a thing as cycle ball and players take it very seriously. There are two teams with fixed gear bikes that have no brakes. There are specialised bike rules too; for instance if your feet touch the ground the other team gets a free kick. Of course the team with the most goals wins.

Bike Parkour


This one works much like Parkour where you jump off railings, and roll from short fences to large ones, or from building to building, but instead of using your body, here you use a cycle. It’s a very intense sport and you have to do some pretty intense training for bike Parkour, but there are certainly a lot of fearless participants enjoying this sport.

Bike Polo


This is a sport that has amazingly existed since 1893. Here the bikes replace the horses and it offers a cool Polo game for players who don’t have or can’t afford a rich country estate with an expensive Polo horse. The UCI also sponsors a world cup for this sport.

Bike Gymnastics

Bicycle gymnastics is a little different from BMX trick riding. This is called artistic cycling. Cyclists perform acts on special fixed gear bikes. It looks something like gymnastics. This is a sport that builds balance, strength and gives you a unique and interesting sport to follow.

Bike Surfing


Well, the word may be reminiscent of ocean surfing, but bike surfing doesn’t have anything to do with water. It’s a sport where you learn to do tricks while standing on the seat of your bike.

BMX Cycling


Also known as bicycle motocross, this is a bicycle sport practiced on BMX racing or freestyle bikes. It’s a sport that started when those kids who got new bikes from their parents, appropriated the motocross motorcycle tracks and started using them for racing and for stunts. This has evolved into special competitions and a mainstream sport.

Bike Basketball

This is a sport that was popular in France in the early 20th century. Although it might seem a little silly, the rules are similar to regular basketball. There are four riders on each team and you don’t actually have to bounce the ball, just get it in the hoop.

Bike Canoeing

A sport that started in the early 20th century, 1932 to be precise, an invention created in Paris, and said to be the bike to cross the ocean. It’s a little unstable and may not work to cross a whole ocean but it floats, and you get four or five together and you have a spectacularly funny race.


Final Thought

Okay, we have to say that not all of these sports are really a little less ‘sporty’ than most of today’s mainstream competitive sports. But they are all attempts to make cycling more interesting and fun. While some of these sports work well, others are just attempts at a bit of fun. However, those that invent these sports must really be on to something. After all, cycling is fast become a national pastime.

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