What Does the Average Person in the UK Spend their Money on?

February 20th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money

In today’s post we review data on tax and living expenses in the UK for the average person.

How do you compare?

what does the average UK citizen spend their money on per year

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what does the average UK citizen spend their money on per yearWhat does the average person in the UK spend their money on?Happier.co.uk

  1. HS2 High Speed Train Cost (MSN)
  2. Liability for supporting the eurozone (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  3. The NHS (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  4. The Royal Monachry (Republic)
  5. London Transport System (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  6. The running of UK Prisons (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  7. Foreign military aid (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  8. Foreign economic aid (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  9. Annual cost of Education (UKpublicspending.co.uk)
  10. UK Bank Bailout (RBS/Lloyds) (The Financer)
  11. Grocery Shopping (Daily Mail)
  12. Council Tax (AFF)
  13. Christmas Gifts (Daily Mail)
  14. Holidaying abroad (Visa Europe)
  15. Coffee (Watch my Wallet)
  16. Saving for Old age (This is Money)
  17. Internet Shopping (BBC)
  18. Household Blls (electricity, gas, water) (This is Money)
  19. Takeaways (Daily Mail)
  20. Work related expenses (This is Money)
  21. Mobile phone expenses (BBC)
  22. Gym Membership (This is Money)
  23. Average annual comprehensive car insurance (This is Money)
  24. The Apple lifestyle (Apple)
  25. Little bits and bobs (Money on Toast)
  26. Taxis (Money on Toast)

  • Richard Allen

    Erm….you seem to have missed out an awful lot of things…such as;



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