17 Of The Best Free Android Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

April 2nd, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Happier Life

As more and more people leave the iOS platform in favour of sleeker, cheaper phones running Android, mobile developers are taking note, and focusing on app development for the next wave of Android devices hitting the market in 2013.

What does that mean for you? Even more awesome productivity apps that can help make your life easier, remember important information, free up your time, and even save you money. Here are 17 of the best apps on the market right now…

1. Evernote Hello

Remembering people is hard. Evernote Hello makes it easy.

Keep track of people you meet with this cool app that allows you to create a browserable history of individuals, and encounters you have day-to-day.

The Android app is soon to get an update on with an inbuilt business card scanner, that automatically detects key information on your contacts card, including phone numbers, email address, name and more, and adds it all to the new Hello Contact.
Of course it will have social features baked in – If you connect your Linkedin and Facebook accounts to the app, Evernote Hello will also look the person up by their email address and import even more information from their online profiles.



2. The Best Android Market App

The Best Android Market App focuses on one thing and one thing only: recommending you the best free apps on the Android play store.

The App team test drive all the apps before adding them to their database – adding only the best apps of each category. This means you’ll only see one “weather” app or the best antivirus for Android, or the best camera app, not a never ending list of similar apps to download.

Another cool feature of the app, is it’s ability to generate personalized recommendations based on apps you have installed on your phone.

The devs have also just released an improved app discovery tool, Fetch. It has a sleek, beautiful interface and uses advanced search algorithms. Even more Win!



3. Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to upload, store, and synchronise all of your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. Great for teams to collaborate and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Cool features of the Android version is offline viewing (awesome for when working truly remote, like in the mountains, not in a coffee shop), and the ability to print files stored in Google Drive on the go using Google Cloud Print.



4. LastPass

One password to rule them all. The average web user maintains 25 separate accounts using 6 passwords. Lastpass removes the need to remember all of your passwords and manages them from one central location – your lastpass vault.

As well as removing the headache of managing passwords for multiple sites, it’s also a nifty form filler that makes your web browsing easier (i.e no need to retype your billing address the 53rd time when booking a flight!).

This app is free for 14-days, requires $1/month LastPass Premium subscription afterwards.



5. Ovo Timer

Boil the perfect egg; brush your teeth for two minutes and not a second more; have an exact ten-minute run. Live your life with the precision of a samurai.
Easy to use, super small.

Live your life with the precision of a Samurai. This is an app for the Quantified Self geeks. Ovo is a nifty timer with a minimalist interface, and as of the last update – now enables you to set an alarm with your voice. If you’re looking for a simple timer without bloat – Ovo is the tool for you. Simplicity always wins.



6. Prey

Lose it, Track it, Find itPrey is a cross-platform anti-theft tracker that can help you locate your lost/stolen android device.

Simply install the app and add your phone to Prey’s control centre. Once all hooked up – you now have GPS tracking of your phone, as well as access to network and session data. Track down your thief like an eagle.

The app also gives you the ability to detect SIM changes, as well as locking the phone/tablet for privacy remotely.

Word of caution – if your phone ever does go missing and you track it down – don’t be this guy.



7. DropBox

More than likely you’ve already got Dropbox installed on your main machine. With Dropbox for Android, you get more of the same awesome sharing and synchronisation features – giving you the ability to watch movies, and access your library in the cloud.



8. Catch

Never miss an idea again with Catch a free note-taking app that lets you capture ideas and discoveries across all your devices, and on the web at Catch.com.

The Android version enables you to record your ideas with voice, photo, and text notes. You can track private tasks with checklists, share and collaborate on to-do lists, and set reminders so you never miss something important ever again.



9. Flipboard

Flipboard is your personal magazine. The app brings together world news and social news (Facebook/Twitter) in a beautiful magazine format. The 2.0 update (iOS only at the time of writing, hitting the Android store this month) now allows you to save and collect the things you love into your own magazines like “Trips I want to take” or “Dream Homes” (Yes – just like Pinterest).

To get started – select a few topics of interest and Flipboard will generate your very ow personal news reader. Supercharge it by adding your social accounts, and see everything from posts and photos shared by friends on Facebook and Instagram to videos from Vimeo and curated trending news on Reddit.



10. Asana

Just released on the Android platform – Asana is in early stage development. For now this is an app to watch. Included in this list as the web app is simply the best collaborative task management tool available on the web today.

The app enables you to create, prioritize, and assign tasks on-the-go and stay up-to-date with mobile inbox.

The app is available for free – for teams of 30 teammates or below.

If you’re looking for push notifications and the ability to add tasks offline. You’ll have to wait for a for an upcoming update.



11. Pocket

This app will change the way you read articles on the web!

When you find something on the web that you want to view later, simply put it in Pocket. The service syncs to your android phone/tablet so you can view it any time, even without an internet connection.

Not only can you save blog posts, and articles to read later – you can also also save Youtube videos to watch later.

Pocket was named Best of 2012 by Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and publications like Wired, USA Today and TechCrunch.

Pocket it.



12. WhatsApp

Inflated phone and SMS bills will be a thing of the past as more and more people use messaging apps like WhatsApp to communicate with friends, family, and work colleagues.

WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The app works by using your internet data plan to send and receive messages (text, photos, videos). No need for pins and usernames – the app works with your phone number, just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book.

First year free! ($0.99/year after)



13. Google Gesture Search

A must have apps for users who have more a lot of apps installed on their device. Google Gesture Search lets you quickly access your applications, as well as your music, contacts, and bookmarks by drawing letters or numbers.

In true Google style – the app continuously refines search results as you add each gesture, and becomes better as it learns from your search history.

No need for ugly shortcuts on your homescreen anymore – install gesture search and draw the first letter of what you need to open.



14. BaconReader for Reddit

Should making reading Reddit easier really be added to this list? You want apps that will increase your productivity not cause you to procrastinate and look at cats all day long right?

BaconReader is the easiest way to Reddit on your android device. The app boasts an intuitive, beautiful user interface. Making reddit so simple to use with instant access to links, pics, and comments.



15. Highlight

Highlight uses Facebook and LinkedIn to help you find mutual friends and shared interests.

As you go about your day, the app runs quietly in the background, notifying you when friends and other interesting people you have things in common with are in the local vicinity.

Google+ connectivity is in the pipeline. The app will only get better as the network effect expands (with more potential users in your area).



16. Expensify

Expensify is a simple, easy to use, cloud base, expenses tracking platform. The Android app connects to your account, and lets you log expenses, capture receipt images and manage reports on the go.

The app features a smartscan tool that enables you to read your receipt images, fill out the expense details, and create a new expense (or attach to an automatically imported bank/card transaction).

Organize expenses with custom categories, tags, comments, and consolidate everything into reports (how much did I spend on coffee this month? ouch!).

Track everything from mileage expenses via GPS to coffee receipts and add time or other billable expenses.



17. Longevity – Battery Saver

Downloading and using all of these awesome apps is going to cause your battery to drain quickly. Use this battery management app by Trend Micro to extend battery life and stretch the time between device recharges.

With this app get:

  • One-click Optimisition
  • Power Hog pie chart and App lists
  • Full Charge Counter
  • Just-a-Phone Mode

If you don’t need WiFi or network data on all the time this app will add an extra day to each charge.



That’s a wrap – 17 of the best free Android Apps available on the Google Play Store right now, that will help optimise and automate your day-to-day tasks. Did I miss an essential app? Love to hear your opinion in the comments below…

  • Calvin Hutches

    This is a very good list. Evernote Hello & Longevity were the two finds for me.

  • http://www.birdsbeep.com William Porter

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing, I also would like to add BirdsBeep Chat Application in new free android apps list that will make your life as easy as never before. To download this app visit http://www.birdsbeep.com/downloads/

  • http://bestappsforandroidiphone.com Sonia Bray

    Hi. I agree with you on this android apps as the top not because you listed them, but because i have seen them used by most android users which i know is a time saving and self help apps that android users neee.

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