Can YouTube help you save money?

August 18th, 2014 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money

Save money on youtube

YouTube is great isn’t it? Not only does it help you to while away the hours by watching the latest viral videos, but you can also upload your own hilarious home movies, catch up on the latest movie trailers and let’s not forget those funny cat videos.

Did you know that YouTube could also help you to save money? More and more companies and individuals are taking to the popular video channel to give money saving and investment advice that will help you to reduce your bills, get better deals and make your money stretch further.

Give it a test for yourself

You only have to enter the search term “save money” into YouTube to receive the details of millions of videos giving you money saving advice. There are tips from large organisations such as Experian but most videos are from smaller personal blog videos that tell you how to shop online for the best deals and how to choose the best bank account. Of course, there is a lot of spam to wade through too, but there are many really insightful videos here that will teach you how to look after your money.

Dig deeper into the YouTube vault

If you are looking for specific money saving advice such as how to save for a rainy day, how to check your credit report or how to transfer a pension, all you need to do is adjust your search terms to suit. For example, entering the search term “how to transfer a pension abroad” brings up many informative videos that give you all the information you need, from filling in forms to how much tax you will pay.

Your bank is getting in on the action too

Want advice from your own bank? Most banks have set up their own YouTube channel offering advice for their customers and potential customers. Barclays, for example, has set up an informative channel that details everything from getting help with online banking to advice on running a small business.

Join the YouTube money saving revolution

Millions of people are now using YouTube as a means to find and share information. What was once a social media platform used to share funny videos, is now a really effective marketing tool for businesses and a great way to find information on a wealth of different topics. In fact, if you can think it, there is usually a YouTube channel or video for it!

Perhaps you have some advice you would like to share with the nation. It’s easier than ever to set up your own YouTube channel, and thanks to mobile phone technology, you can take videos and upload instantly on the move. Whether you have just spotted a great deal in your local store or you work in the financial industry and have some interest snippets to share, you can broadcast your tips and tricks in an instant.

Whether you are looking for the best personal loan, remortgaging your home or trying to find the best deal on an electrical item, YouTube is a great place to find the answers you need.

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