Celebrities who use Shopping Vouchers

November 8th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Happier News




Victoria Beckham has bought her husband, David Beckham a voucher for a £500 tattoo.

The footballer is not short of ink on his body, and once you start it must be hard to stop. Victoria has said that she had given the gift voucher for his 38th birthday. As David Beckham is worth about £300 million, it must be tricky to get the right gift.

Wayne Rooney is not short of a bob or two. When he goes out to the pub he takes a chauffeur driven car. But when he goes to a restaurant he uses a half price voucher, it is claimed. Although as he is only worth £35 million it could be considered that he is saving his money to catch up with the Beckhams’.

Perhaps what Wayne would really benefit from is a discount toy voucher, I am not saying whether it should be for him or the kids.

Meanwhile, all round nice girl Renee Zellweger gives here vouchers away, but only to nice guys,.Whilst she was in a coffee shop getting her fix of caffeine the parking meter for her parked car went into the red zone. Luckily for her a nice man, Milton Smith Jr was walking by and spotted it, he put in extra coins to stop it going into the red, apparently he is known for his random acts of kindness.

Renee didn’t walk away, she bought a £100 coffee voucher and gave it to the Meter Dude. What a great gal!


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