Making Money with 3D Food Printers

January 13th, 2014 - Posted by in Blog, Making Money

Can you really make money from 3D Food printers?  
Sitting in front of your computer and the desire to eat a chocolate Kim Kardashian strikes you?

What can you do?

What you need  is a 3D food printer. At CES this year we were treated to two food printers, 3D systems got into the make your food when they bought out the sugar lab from the design team of Liz and Kyle von Hasseln, who developed a 3D printer that creates sugar based models.



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The Chefjet foodie 3D Printer from 3Dsystems does cost a cool, $5,000 (£3,000), which gets you the one colour printer. for about double that you can a multi-colour version. Their are some great designs over at the design boom blog, and I am sure some fancy restaurant is going to buy one to adorn their deserts with an intricately designed sugar sculpture.

And for only a £3k investment doesn’t seem too high to become the go to restaurant in your locale.

Would you get one if it were only £299?  The price of tech always comes down over time, so I am expecting the Christmas cake of 2020 to have a sugared Minecraft Creeper on top.

Watch these videos about the new way to produce and eat sugar.

You could also buy the Foodini, from a Spanish company.

Food printing, or food hacking is going to be seen more and more in 2014 and may be a great way for people to make money and add value to their current food business.

  • John Bull

    Well talk about harnessing new technology in innovative ways. If anyone can make money like this it will be very impressive. A better use of 3D printers than producing guns anyway.

  • Harini Hari

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