6 Weird ways to Save Money

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They’re are many ways websites tell you to save money, these usually involve sticking the end bits of soap together to make one bar, or not drinking a daily mug of gourmet coffee. But here we like to think we can take things a little further, perhaps get a bit edgy with our suggestions.

Eat Road Kill

We have been eating wild animals for tens of thousands of years and just because it is not wrapped in plastic or freeze dried, doesn’t mean that it is not good for you.

Healthier than McDonalds? Cheaper than Little Chef?

We could write a whole book on this subject and it’s something that a lot of people are fascinated by and want to try. But, the best way to learn about road kill cuisine is to watch the video from a man in Cornwall who has even tasted Badger penis and said it’s nothing to write home about.

He seems to live off road kill and seems to be a very healthy chap, at least physically.

It helps of course if you live in the countryside and people like to drive fast.

Train your cat to use your toilet

Each year, over 2 million tons of cat litter, or approximately 100,000 truckloads, ends up in landfills in the U.S. alone.

First of all it stinks, second, it’s expensive and third it’s not eco friendly. The solution to this problem is to train your cat to go to the toilet like a properly domestic animal.

One of the benefits of training your cat to go to the toilet is that when you bring a date home from Comicon you can wow them with a feline mituration show.

Teaching your cat to dispose of its urine in an hygenic, eco friendly way will save you cash and give you interesting stories to tell at parties.

Stopping using cat litter will save you a massive £10 a month

Use a washable rag to wipe your backside

Toilet paper is quite simply a waste of time and money, even if you try using both sides or splitting the two ply, it’s still going to cost money that disappears into the sewer. Much more sensible to get a reusable excreta removal device, or what we like to call, The Rag.

All it needs is a quick rinse in the sink after a moistened wipe and it’s ready to be reused by the next person waiting. We like to go luxury by gently warming the rag with warm water perfumed with a little lavender.

The number of toilet rolls you will save each year is massive.

Toilet rolls usage per person per year
If only a million people did this

73, Million toilet rolls would be saved

Collect your drug free Urine and sell it

Why flush potential cash down the toilet. Selling your urine is a great way to save money from dripping away.

Some guys sell their urine on Craigslist for $25 a pop, if the market is there people will always try to fill it.

Don’t flush cash down the toilet.

Don’t wash your socks, sell them


Who would have thought you could have saved on laundry by selling your smelly socks on Craigslist for $25 a pop.

Why not give those who crave the smell of stale sweat, pleasure. It’s another way of giving back to the world, and at the same time saving a few pennies for yourself.

Of course you will have to buy knew ones after you have posted the sweat encrusted pair off to the lucky customer. But if you could wear a couple a week, it could provide for a tasty little nest egg.

Stop Washing your hair

If you stop washing your hair, what happens is the body reduces the amount of oil. So in reality, the more you wash your hair the dirtier it gets. Another no brainer.

This of course will annoy the marketing industry which loves to create pseudoscience around hair products. But what better way to start your day than to annoy people in the marketing industry.

Considering the enormous cost of shampooing these days it makes sense to let nature take its course.

Think also of the huge amount of plastic you save.

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