41 Creative Date Ideas That are Super Cheap

December 10th, 2012 - Posted by in Blog, Happier Life

When you’re on a budget, taking a date out can be tough. You don’t want to look cheap or like you can’t give her the things she wants – especially if she’s one you want to hang on to. Or if you’re married and trying to spice things up, your husband doesn’t want more tears about where you can’t go, he wants to be able to do things that make you both happier.

So what’s a Happier one to do? Just sit and wait for the money to be right? I’m afraid your companion will sail the next ship that floats by if you don’t get creative. Mind you, creative means work. It means thought. It means using yours (or our) imagination to give you a boost.

Check out these 41 ways to make the most of your time together will not only keep your flames lit, but keep your wallets growing.

41 Super Cheap, But Super Awesome Date Ideas:

Play spa – Guys probably aren’t interested in the manicure and pedicure, but they certainly love a massage and love to give them, as well!

Have dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town: Your backyard or balcony – Set the table for two and cook the meal together. Play romantic music while you eat under the stars.

Go camping – Pack up the tent and head out to a local campsite. UK Campsite has a complete list of places in the UK where you can spend the night for a nominal fee.

Go hikingNational Trails offers you a complete list of places to trek in UK. Using your feet is as free as it gets!

Learn a languageLearnalanguage.com houses hundreds of free activities and resources to help you learn Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese or Russian.

Make It a rendezvous to remember – Spend your date on the shores of one of UK’s beautiful rivers and recall the best times you’ve spent together.

Take pictures together – As you walk the High Street, take silly pictures together. Take romantic pictures together. Take pictures with complete strangers.

Tai Chi in the park – Tai Chi is a great way to unwind and connect and most classes given in the park are free! See Tai Chi Chuan for more.

Greenwich Park, Primrose Hill, Parliament Hill – take in the same views that most pay lots of money for on London Eye.

Sightsee – For £2, along the number 11 bus route from Liverpool Street in the NE corner of London to Fulham Broadway in the SW, you can see the same sights that tourists see from the open air buses for a much higher price.

Sunbathe – Soak up the sun in the Royal Parks 8 Royal Parks that are free.

Ceremony of the Keys – The Changing of the Keys Ceremony at the Tower of London happens every night precisely at 21.30, and has for 700 years. There’s no fee to see the ceremony but apply for free tickets before you try to get in.

Prince Charles Cinema – There’s no reason you can’t affordably see a flick on the West End for your date. Prince Charles Cinema is reasonably priced at £6.50 weekends and evening, £5.50 afternoons.

Changing of the Guard – Pretend to be tourists and take your date to see the austentacious Changing of the Guard.

Museums & galleries – UK is loaded with rich history and gorgeous museums and galleries. The best part? Many of them are free or cheap to get into.

Night-time adventures – Most dates don’t happen in the daytime, anyway, right? Take yours to see the Jack the Ripper Walk, Ghosthunter Trail, or London by Night tour  and add a spark of adventure to your budget.

Visit the beach – Enough said, yes? But take a picnic to the beach and a romantic walk and make it even more memorable.

Backpacker drinks – London never sleeps…why should you? But, staying out drinking can get expensive. Check out the pub crawl for low drink prices or these youth hostels for cheap basement parties.

Solve world problems – Sit together and discuss the state of affairs of the world or yourselves in a coffee shop or over a hookah.

Share your Bucket List (then make a plan to execute) – Write out the things you want to do before you die. See what you can do now – together – and do it.

Play decorator – For married couples looking for something new, spend time planning and redecorating the house together for your date. The energy that comes with planning will excite you again.

Play sports – Even if you’re not “into” them. Play football, wrestle, hit the greens for a round of golf. The competition will get your endorphins flowing.

Play with your food – Put on your own cooking show or just get creative with your dinner!

Make It a movie night – Rent a movie you’ve both been waiting to see or put in an old one that you enjoyed together before to rekindle happy memories on your date.

Have a scavenger hunt – Hide a few treasures around the house or around town and watch in anticipation as your date scrambles to get all the items together (HINT: Make yourself the last treasure on the trip!).

Play Truth or Dare – Self-explanatory, right?

Play 20 Questions – Make up a list of 20 questions for each other and have drinks or coffee as you sit back and learn more about your date.

Play the “I remember When” Game – If you’ve been together for a while, but are looking to re-light your fire, play this game! Take turns telling each other what you remember most about your time together. If you’re new to each other and don’t have a past together, use this game to learn more about each other.

Dance together – Slow dance. Fast dance. Dirty dance. Just. Dance.

Make date cards – Make fancy date cards that you draw from a hat to take the pressure off trying to decide who will decide on what to do.

Make a time capsule together – Get a shoe box and put trinkets or notes in it to each other or your friends. Put it in a closet or another ambiguous spot that ensures you won’t see again for a while.

Leave notes in books – Go to a book store and leave notes for future readers in a few books.

Geocaching – Geocaching is a way to get out and move about using your GPS on a fancy Scavenger Hunt. It’s exciting fun that will take you to places unbeknownst to you or your date!

Get on the train – Make it a spontaneous train trip to wherever the cheapest tickets take you. And spend a new adventure together in a different place.

Watch the sunrise – Get up and set up coffee together and watch the sunrise in silence.

Watch the sunset – Revisit the beauty of your day with your date as you watch the sun descend below the horizon.

Make a video journal of your day together – Using your Smartphone, record wherever you go and whatever you do for the day – make sure you talk through your feelings and emotions about where you are.

Role play each other – Go out and pretend to be the other. Guys pretend to be your girls and girls pretend to be your guys. Don’t forget to talk and say things that sound like them!

Make special dishes and feed each other – Cook each other your most favorite meals and feed each other slowly. Enjoy watching them savor your efforts.

Set goals together – Go to the coffee shop and talk about your hopes and dreams and take time to set goals to make them happen.

Make any time “Date” time – No matter where you go or what you do, make that time special and you’ll make it a “date”. Even giving your grocery shopping a name like “Shopping Date” makes it so!

There you go! Now get out there with your date and have a blast!

What other ways can you think of that you and your date can enjoy each others company without breaking the bank?

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