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January 7th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money


In a recent study, Britain’s innovative leader in wallcoverings, Graham & Brown, reveal that a lifetime of DIY redecorating can ring up a total of over £13,000 — the price of a small car.

That’s a good bit of quid, by anyone’s measure, eh?

Well, we’re going to show you just how to keep your quid and have your style, too.


Let’s start in the one room that should be yours to relax in – your retreat, as it were.

1. Slide a fitted sheet over your box spring to hide it without the fuss of dust ruffles. Your sheet can match or contrast, but make sure that you have some colour that works well with your duvet.

Cost: £2.95 at

2. Love the look of tapestried doors? Create the elegance of them — without paying through the nose — with luxe wallcoverings cut to fit within the cutouts of your doors.

Cost: You can find some rolls as low as £10.00 on Graham & Brown. You’ll likely not need more than a roll if you’re only doing the panels of the doors.

3. Let’s spruce up the walls, shall we? But don’t go out and buy brand new wall art. Simply use inexpensive plate hangers to create a unique display of Grandmother’s old heirlooms.

Cost: £2.49 on 

4. Or empty a vintage frame and use it to frame a sentimental poem or inspiration on your wall.

Cost: £41.99 on

5. Want a new bed, but don’t want to break the bank? Try removing your headboard and simply painting one on the wall.

Cost: Your local Repaint facility can save you bundles on paint instead of paying full price of a can of paint.


When you try to cook and eat healthy, it means you seem to live in the kitchen as much as the family room. So let’s start sprucing, shall we?

1. Have an empty space to hang a towel to dry? Use old glass door knobs to hang them.

Cost: Next to nothing at flea markets and thrift shops.

2. Give your kitchen chairs new life with a fresh splash of colour by lining the back of the chairs with wallcovering.

Cost: Some rolls as little as £10.00 available online.

 3. Make a beautiful, inexpensive vase for the centrepiece of your table by painting the inside of glass jars with bright enamel paint.


Cost: Hit Repaint for your needs to save you the most.

4. Give your old cabinetry a new life by lining the interior of your cupboards with wallcovering (Give them a special touch by matching them to the chairs you did!).

Cost: Ok, you may need more than a roll or two if you’re going to redo all your cupboards.

5. Use those old wine corks that you and your mates toss to make a modern and chic backsplash for your kitchen.

Cost: Just the price of the adhesive to make them stick! (Tell your friends and family to start saving their corks for you.)


What was the thing you loved about your last hotel stay? The bath, right? Ok, maybe it wasn’t the thing you loved most, but I’m sure it was second. A luxe bath is essential to washing the cares of the day away. Use these tips to make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel.

1. Use old apothecary jars to organise the things you use most in your bathroom. The clean look is refreshing.

Cost: As little as £6.50 per jar on Borrowed Blue.

2. Use a wine rack as an elegant towel holder.

Cost: £30.24 at Cranville Wine Racks.

3. Frame your bathroom mirror to add to that elegant feel to the room with the apothecary jars and wine rack.

Cost: Dependent on the cost of moulding in your area.

4. Bring some romantic night-lighting to your bath with this wine bottle decorated with glass jewels and holiday lights.

Cost: As little as £0.49 online for 288 beads, plus the cost of the string of holiday lights (i.e. next to nothing).

5. Give your bath a luxury feel by hanging floor to ceiling curtains on the bath.

Cost: As low as £19.00 at Budget Curtains.

As you’ve seen, you can make small changes that make a big difference for a little price.

The only thing standing between you and your style now is your imagination.

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