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November 14th, 2012 - Posted by in Blog, Making Money

not a geek

Being Happier is about being Savvier. Making money online is a powerful way to stop struggling with money and start living a good life – and being the savviest of the savvy so you can be the happiest of the happy.

In today’s market, making money online are some of the top ways to earn. And you don’t have to be a geek to make it happen. You don’t have to know technology in and out to have a grip on the right way to be successful online.

But, you do need to know the good from the bad.

If you Googled “make money online”, you’d drown in the scams out there. They prey on people frustrated with their financial situations. They look for people willing to hand over everything they have to try earn money online and get ahead in the game.

But that’s ok. We’re going to share some very important information with you today.

Pay attention. We’re going to give you 9 legitimate ways to make money online so you can be Happier.

Affiliate marketing. This kind of marketing works best when you have a niche (or a field) that you blog in or own a site in that has a good amount of traffic. You link to products and services that fit your audience’s needs and you get a commission on purchases made through your link.

Content mills. Examiner.com and Hubpages are examples of content mills that pay for performance based articles. In other words, you write, you promote it, and the more views you get, the more you earn. Beware: if you want to earn well, you’ve got to invest your time in writing and promoting your work. These are not get rich schemes.

Referrals. CashCrate and Opinion Outpost are two that pay for surveys – all be it not as much as making referrals for job sites like ReferEarns and WiseStepp. Referring employees to potential employers can earn you a handsome £50 or more.

Tutor. Tutor at TutorHub. You can set your own hours, your own rate and all for the nominal fee of 25% for their take. Or you can check out Online Tutoring Reviews  for any of the top 10 sites for tutoring to see who has the best opportunity for you. Earn money while you help students who are struggling to succeed.

Open a store. Good at making things? Open a storefront on EBay or Etsy. Get off the sidewalk and expose your talents to the world so you can maximise your earning potential.

Become a coach. If you’re handy at anything, you can likely turn it into a coaching business. Know how to sew? Maybe woodworking is your thing. Teach others how to do it online. Build a course to teach setp-by-stpe how to master the art of carving a perfectly Tudor styled table and start earning. Just ask Ana White.

Build an app. You’ve got a smartphone, yeah? You’ve loaded it with apps for everything you do under the sun. Well, someone built that app. And you can build one, too. If you’ve flipped through your iTunes store, you’ve seen the prices some of these apps go for. Make yours stellar and people will pay you left and right to get at your goods.

Become a VA. Good at organisation? Resourceful? Love helping people get their projects going? PC or Mac savvy? Then become a virtual assistant and make up to £25/hour. Check out VA Networking for more on that.

Review products. Get paid to review products you use. Depending on the products, you can earn up to 60p per review. Check out DooYoo for more information on reviewing at home.

While earning money at home is directly proportional to the effort you put in. And there are many ways to put the Net to work for you…as long as you’re willing to work for it.

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