Five benefits of commuting by bike

September 2nd, 2014 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money

communiting by bike

Many students are beginning to see the benefits of commuting by bike each day but, unfortunately, some are still blind to these amazing benefits. Even working parents with children are garaging the car and the lovely Maxi Cosi car seat, in favour of a bike with a trailer, box or child seat as they drop to transport their kids to nursery and themselves on to work. Here is a look at why you should join the bike commuting revolution!

1. It’s a lot cheaper than driving or commuting by bus/train

The average UK student will accept all the help he/she can get when it comes to saving money but not many students know that commuting by bike can save them as much as £100 a month. If you drive your own car, the money to be saved increases exponentially. Regardless of whether you are driving less than an hour a day to and from school, you will be able to save hundreds of pounds running into thousands on fuel, car maintenance and parking each year.

2. Cycling is free exercise

You are almost guaranteed to start shedding weight as soon as you hit the road on your bike. Imagine being able to lose weight without taking time out of your busy academic schedule to go to the gym, and without having to pay for gym membership. On average, commuters lose 13 pounds in weight within their first year of using leg-power to get to work!

Some people erroneously feel that riding to school, college or uni on a bicycle is too dangerous. Well, every means of transportation is dangerous, each to varying degrees, but the number of people that die as a result of commuting by bike is still way lower (68 deaths between 2008-2012) than the worriers would have you believe.

3. You no longer have to worry about heavy traffic

Depending on how far you live from your place of education and the local traffic situation, you may be spending as much as 20 minutes in traffic each day. If you reside in a more populous city then it is almost a given that you will take twice the time to drive to your destination each day as you should. Commuting by bike deals with this problem because over 5 miles or more with busy traffic, a bike is sure to arrive at the destination before a car or bus.

Let’s face it. Cycling is fun too. You will turn up at your lessons or lectures with more mental energy, and having had a pleasant experience.

4. You can take advantage of bike share programs

If you don’t have a bike and don’t want to shell out on one, you can look around for bike share programmes around you. The mode of operation will vary from city to city but generally, you are required to pay a small annual fee which allows you to ride an hour or more on a bike each day. One intriguing thing about the bike share programmes is that the annual fee is usually a lot less than the amount that car or rail commuters pay in a single week.

5. Taking the bus regularly can make you sick

The body needs as much fresh air as it can get and there is no better way to give it that than riding to school on your bike for fifteen to thirty minutes each day while enjoying the sights and sounds of your locality. Experts say you are six times more likely to get acute respiratory infection within public transit. They also paint a gloomy picture of the host of organisms that are capable of making you sick cooling off in most public transport vehicles. Some of the organisms include E.coli, salmonella and campylobacter!

In summary, commuting by bike is something you should seriously consider. As long as you take into account all of the necessary safety measures, the benefits far outweigh any risks you may be worrying about.

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