Four brilliant ways to get the best from your windows

November 20th, 2014 - Posted by in Blog

Your windows are a great way to show the world how much you care about your home, and they should be as well looked after as your carpets or furniture. According to an article in the Daily Mail the average woman in the UK spends 1 and a half years cleaning her home, but all of that time is wasted if no attention is paid to the windows. Dirty windows or scruffy curtains can ruin the way a room looks, so here are a few tips to make your windows look their best.

Window Coverings

There is a huge choice of window coverings available, and though they certainly have a practical use, you should always think about the way they look and make your windows look. Obviously your window coverings are meant to serve several tasks, including providing privacy and shade, but they are also a way to give your home an identity and a personal touch. Windows in a living room will cover a large area, and this area can be used to provide a contrast to your d├ęcor or even become a focal point in a room. Why let your windows look drab and boring when you can frame them in a beautiful set of curtains, or hang some classical Roman blinds to help you control the light and add a natural look to your home?

Clean Glass

window cleanerNo matter what you do with your windows, the least you should do is keep them clean, inside and out. For a profession clean that shows how much you care, you could invest in a window cleaning aid like the ones available at The window vac will help give your windows the kind of sparkle that will draw admiring comments from friends and visitors alike. It is unfortunate how easily dirt shows up on glass, but luckily tools like the window vac can help make the chore a little easier with effortless streak-free windows in a flash.

Etching and Film

Another way to make your windows look stunning is to have your window panes etched. Window etching is a fantastic way to add your own design to them. Etching can be done at your home, but for a really stunning effect you could have your windows etched and tinted, which is a job that is better completed with the windows out of their frames. Of course you can also use tinting film to alter the colour of your windows. These films are available in a huge variety of colours, allowing you to really personalise your windows. You can even combine them on the same pane; enabling you to play with the effects that sunlight can have in your home.


Your windows will not look after themselves, so you are going to have to keep up their maintenance if you want them to look great. Wooden widows will need regular painting or staining, while UPVC frames (though low maintenance) will need to be cleaned to stop yellowing. A store bought cleaner will be fine for your UPVC frames, but remember that once your windows are painted you will need to remove any paint on the glass as it can ruin the clean lines of the frame.

Your windows are a great way to make people admire your home. Breathe new life into your home and boost your kerb appeal with these tips to getting the best out of your windows.

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