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January 4th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Happier News £20 gift card (kindle) giveaway

For our first giveaway of the new year, we wanted to make sure it was something practical! With the Amazon Kindle being one of the tech must-haves of 2012 – there’s a pretty good chance you own one, or you know someone who does! Therefore, we’re giving away a £20 gift card to a lucky Happier reader for the Month of January.

Note: You can use the voucher to purchase Kindle books (however you can use it to buy anything on

The giveaway ends 31/1, and you can enter multiple times a day by following the instructions below. Good luck!

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  • sharon griffin

    thankyou for the lovely giveaway

    • Sean McColgan

      You’re welcome Sharon! Good luck :)

  • lorraine pigott

    Thank you :) Fingers crossed and GL to all xx

    • Sean McColgan

      Same to you Lorraine :)

  • Clementina

    I got a kindle for Christmas :)

    • Sean McColgan

      Awesome Clementina – good luck in the competition!

  • Judith Eddington

    My top tip is to meal plan and bulk freeze. I write a meal plan for 2 weeks and write a shopping list. I may have the ingredients in my store cupboard. I stick to the list and as I cook something I double the quantity so I have 2 meals to eat and 2 for the freezer. It saves food waste and emergency trips to the supermarket. and you have a freezer full of home made ready meals. twitter @hey_jude_67

    • Sean McColgan

      Thanks for entering and adding the great tip Judith! Good luck :)

    • Julian Hearn

      Yes good luck Judith. :)

  • Gail Mse

    My moneysaving tip is to put your spare change in a sealed jar – one you can’t get into easily – each evening. You won’t notice that you are saving as it is done a bit at a time, your pockets and purses won’t be full of small change you will never spend and you won’t be tempted to buy odds and ends you don’t need if you have to break into a note. At the end of the year you will have a lovely amount of cash for Christmas or that emergency bill!

    • Sean

      Top Tip Gail- Thank you! :)

      Good luck!

  • Rosalind Sargent


  • Karen Painter

    I make all my own cards and gifts for birthdays, Christmas etc. I make jams, chutneys, cakes, biscuits, candles, soaps and lots of other craft items and then I present them in cellophane with pretty ribbons and bows.

  • Avvie Cunnington

    I have 2, first make extra portions of food and then freeze the spare, always great for the future! Also buy a big money tin and any spare change/ notes go into the box. I used one for holiday and saved £93 :D

  • maureen moss

    for the gardeners:…..use old tights cut up in half inch strips crossways to tie plants and small branches…they are elastic and soft so don’t harm the plants and save a lot of money as they are free.

  • Paul Kay

    I only heat one room during the day rather than the whole house to save on heating costs

  • ClaireG

    I”m not sure I did the google+ thing properly but you were my first!

  • Jayne Sullivan

    My top money saving tip is to visit one of the pound shops such as Poundland or Poundworld the day before you do your main shop of the week. You will find that a lot of your items especially health and beauty items and pet food will be cheaper in there.

  • raoul2003

    Bringing my own lunch and cutting out the coffee shop coffees has saved me about £1000 a year

  • raoul2003

    My top tip is about saving money when i am at work. Bringing my own lunch and cutting out the coffee shop coffees has saved me about £1000 a year. It is easy to forget how spending a few extra quid a day mounts up. Thanks for the comp!

    • Sean

      Cheers Raoul – agree!

      Save on a coffee a day £2.20 avg? 20 times a month > £528 per year.

      Combine that with savings on your groceries…you’ve just saved over £4000.

      Good luck!

  • julie baxter

    I always do my food shopping online for the weeks groceries that way i only get what i need without the added tempatations of walking past something and putting it into the trolley just because it looks appealing. also saves on the kiddies shouting i want at almost everything they walk past.

  • S OBrien

    Don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach and always make a list and stick to it. This way you only buy what you need and are not distracted from your goal

  • Karl Foxley

    What a great giveaway. I recommend that if you are student you simply must get a NUS student card and use it everywhere that you can to get discounts on food stuff, goods and much more!

  • Elizabeth yeates

    my top tip is to always use price comparison sites. i save around 100 a year on my car insurance

  • Victoria de Polo

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed !

    • Sean

      Good luck Victoria :)

  • Andrew Halliwell

    Spend time in late summer forraging. No need to go for anything exotic.
    Blackthorn bushes produce sloes which make sloe gin.
    Blackberries make jam, cordial, wine, icecream, you name it.
    Even rowan (mountain ash) and hawthorn berries can be used to make jam.
    (And that’s before any mention of nuts, beech, hazel, wallnut, sweet chestnut, etc)

    • Sean

      Love this one Andrew! Top tip thanks for sharing and good luck in comp :)

  • Stephanie Green

    Good luck everyone

  • Stephen Little

    Fingers crossed!

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