How Much is Twitter Really Worth?

November 14th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog

Last Friday on November 8th, the Twitter price share closed at $42, which makes it worth about $24 Billion.

But what does that compare to?

BT just bought live soccer rights to a couple of European championships for $1.4 billion, I guess all that money they make by charging for their customer service phone line soon adds up.

If you sold Twitter for it’s current price you could do this

Times over

Cost of HS2 is £50 billion, which is roughly $80 Dollars, meaning you only get

of a High Speed train Line for one Twitter Corporation


Bonkers Boris, the Mayor of London wants to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary and then close Heathrow Airport.

London Britannia Airport, the proposed six-runway airport formerly known also Boris Island, would cost £47.3 billion, around $75 billion

You would need to sell

Twitter Corporations to pay for Boris Island.
FYI you can find Boris on Twitter


If we agree that a lego brick is on average $0.11

You will get

lego bricks for the price of Twitter

Which means you will have enough lego bricks to reach the Moon and back 57 times, just for the price of Twitter.

In 2012, 45.7 billion LEGO bricks were produced at a rate of 5.2 million per hour.

Which means it would take about

for lego to produce enough bricks to buy Twitter.

A house in Easton - Hampshire

However if you were buying houses in the UK at the average price of £245,000 ($392,000) you would get


houses, in exchange for the total market capitalisation of Twitter.

The sale of Twitter would only fund half the current housing build in the UK, being at 124,720 for 2012

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