How Much Revenue Do The Top Technology Companies Make Per Second?

November 11th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog


Before we find out let’s work out How much do you make per second?

If you were to take your year’s salary divide it by how many days you work, then divide that day’s hours into seconds (8 hours = 28800 seconds) you’d have your per second figure…

An example? OK using an average London wage of £35,219 per year. Assuming that you work 5 out of 7 days, you’re working approx 252 days. Divide your wage by your working days = £139.757936508. Now lets breakdown that into seconds…

3600 seconds in an hour x 8 (your average working hours) = 28800 seconds. Finally divide your day rate by 28800. You’ve now got your per second earnings of….£0.00485270612 (No I won’t start deducting tax from that!).

Now imagine you built the next Google or Facebook? How much would you be earning per second then?

Find out with our interactive infogram:

  • Stuart @

    Hey Julian, great content. I read a while ago you guys were struggling with Panda, is this an attempt to drive more engagement/links? How have you faired over the last few months?

    FYI we had a coupon site previously & decided to move away from that model, so I can sympathise :)

    • Julian Hearn

      Hi Stuart, thank you for your kind comments. Yes our serp rankings took a big dive in April and haven’t recovered. We have been working on fixing on-site issues, which we think are fixed, now its time to publish quality content in the hope of attracting quality links. Fingers crossed. We are currently on the homepage of hacker news, so things are looking up.

      • Stuart @

        Best of luck, if you need to run a contest of any sort to drive engagement hit me up & I’ll sort you out :)

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