How Much Profit do the Top Public Companies Make per Second?

November 21st, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Making Money


Last week we published an infogram on how much revenue the top technology companies make per second. It generated a lot of interest, with over 120,000 people engaging with the interactive infographic, and hundreds of conversations sparked

One question that kept on recurring on forums, blogs, and in social streams…What about the profit?

Yeah, companies may be well generating a healthy reveneue stream but that doesn’t paint a full picture. Blackberry could be earning $205 per second in revenue, but how much profit are they making? Especially when they’re writing off $965 million from unsold smartphone inventory.

So, today’s post is about seeing the bigger picture. We dive into both the revenues and profits of the worlds biggest public companies.

When you see the profits these companies are creating you’ll be blown away. Whatever you do – don’t calculate your per second profit. We calculated your average per second revenue number in our last post. After you take off tax, your cost of living, transportation to-and-from work….you won’t be left with much from your £0.00485270612 per second revenue (and that’s if you live in London!).

More than comparing your revenue/profit margins with these mammoth companies – there are bigger questions to be asked here. Is our collective money being spent on the right resources (oil, bank fees, shiny electronic devices?). What on earth are these companies doing with all of that profit and cash on hand?

See the biggest profits in the World per second here:

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