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December 4th, 2014 - Posted by in Blog

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The cost of office space around the world is constantly on the rise, particularly in London, which continues to be the most expensive office market in the world. In light of this, businesses are focusing more and more on how to make the most of their limited surroundings. When relocating to a more ample office just isn’t in the budget, follow these simple tips to maximise your work space.

1. Go electronic: Save precious space by keeping all files and documents in a cloud-based IT system or centralised database. In general, SMEs don’t have much need for keeping hard copies of documents on-site if you can store them online. E-brochures, secure servers and cloud technology help avoid the inevitable pile-up of paperwork.Using iPads for meetings also helps reduce printing costs, and means you save extra space which would otherwise be taken up by boxes of paper. And of course, all this is much better for the environment, too.

2. Keep tidy: It may seem obvious, but the more of your office space is taken up by mess, the less space you have to work in. Promote cleanliness and tidiness with recycling bins, which keep things spick and span, and are also another great way to be environmentally friendly. Another top tip to keep the mess at bay is to introduce a tidy-up session on Fridays, where everyone in the company cleans and organises their desk. Add an extra incentive in the form of prizes for the employee with the tidiest space.

3. Invest in storage: A growing number of businesses are using storage services such as SpaceWays to reduce clutter and overcrowding in their offices. Even more importantly, as your business expands your office space should be filled with people, not papers. Storage can offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to make sure you’re utilising the space you have in the best way possible, especially in central London where space is becoming less and less affordable.

4. Reorganise: Having an efficiently-organised work space can really make a difference, and you don’t need to have a dramatic reshuffle. Take simple steps like keeping cables out of the way in a lead tray. You can gain valuable inches with an organised layout, as well as making your office a little more peaceful and ordered.

5. Go open plan: Taking down partitions, or even walls, and making desks open-plan will add extra space. Your office will feel brighter, physically bigger, and you’ll have more space to add more desks and change the work environment. Employers generally feel that an open-plan layout creates a better work atmosphere. Keep in mind that you’ll need to get planning permission for any structural changes, and always have a chat with your landlord beforehand.

6. Leave your desk: Try catching up with clients outside the office, or maybe even hot desking – where multiple employees share the same desk during different time periods. Open up more office space and change things up by having meetings outside the boardroom. Getting a breath of fresh air every now and then will also keep employees feeling more alert, and help avoid the boredom issues that come with sitting in the same spot all day long.

7. Be innovative: Have a look for innovative office furniture, such as sofa/coffee table combinations and foldaway desks. This can help you make the most the space you have, and add a bit of flair to the office, too.

8. Store vertical: Though it may be simple, using cupboards, hooks and shelves maximises your space, and keeps the office tidy by giving everything a home – double the benefit. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units have the added bonus of creating the illusion of a bigger space, too.

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