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Happier.co.uk is a brand new site that has one simple aim:

“Making you savvier so you can be happier”

The word savvier means “shrewdly informed, experienced and well-informed, canny”. Here at Happier.co.uk, we strongly believe many people struggle in life simply due to money problems. Sometimes this is due to a lack of income, but often people on reasonable incomes get into problems due to the way they spend their money. The world is going through an unprecedented economic crisis and the vast majority of the cut has yet to be implemented by the British government. So it’s vitally important that we all learn how to make our money go as far as possible.

As a nation we waste billions of pounds a year

When the good times were here, it was easy to live beyond our means, credit cards and loans were pushed by the bank so personal debt spiked to unsustainable levels. With this easy money, as a nation, we became lazy when it came to money saving, cutting unnecessary expenditure and finding the best deals.

Some shocking financial facts about the UK:

In August 2012 (latest figures available)

  • £5 billion interest paid by UK consumers on personal debt in August alone
  • Every 15 minutes a property was being repossessed
  • 48,112 people lost their jobs
  • £1.412 trillion outstanding personal debt (excluding mortgages), individuals owe nearly as much as the entire country produced in the whole of 2012.

Source: http://www.creditaction.org.uk/helpful-resources/debt-statistics.html

That’s the bad news, but the good news is that we all have the power to make personal decisions that will improve our situations. We are all either buying stuff we don’t really need or paying too much for things we do need. With a little guidance from Happier and a little effort from you, together we can save lots of money, and keep the fat cats from getting fatter.

Here are just a few examples of your money going down the drain:

Mobile phone – average customer overpays £200 per year
BillMonitor, an online bill comparison site, analysed more than 28,000 phones in order to study UK usage of phones and found that an astonishing portion of the mobile population vastly overpays for their needs by an average £200 a year.

Broadband and landline – average customer overpays £350 per year
According to broadbandchoices.co.uk, you could save £350 a year just by switching providers.

Grocery shopping – potential saving of £3265 per year
In 2011, the average UK family of four spent around £8164 per year on groceries, excluding home and bath toiletries. By switching to own label brands and other shopping tips you could save 40% of your yearly spending.

Our in-depth guides will save you thousands per year

The above three examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more ways to save. For example: car insurance, loans, gas and electricity, mortgages, house insurance, boiler repairs, etc. We will be producing in-depth money saving guides, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, for all sorts of household expenditures, which will help you save – big time!

Other key areas of the Happier.co.uk website are daily deals, freebies and competitions. The idea is that you join the site and share special offers and freebies you find on the internet with other like minded users. We aim to build a community of super savvy and happier people.

We’re so excited and we can’t wait to reveal the whole site to you! But here’s a sneak peak at the new site’s layout until then:

Can you buy happiness?

It’s not possible to buy happiness, but without a certain amount of money it’s certainly difficult to be happy. According to a study of over 450,000 people, emotional well-being rises with income, but its peaks at $75,000 (£46,930), which is a lot higher than the average.

But you certainly don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to be happy. With some savvy decisions, you should be able to get the same impact of that £46k household income with a much lower income by simply buying less or making savings on everything you buy.

Come back soon! Each week, we’ll deliver around five posts per week that will make you savvier!

Save money, be happier!

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