A Snapshot of the UK Economy: A Billion Here, A Billion There (Infographic)

February 12th, 2013 - Posted by in Blog, Saving Money

If you had a billion pounds to spend, what would you spend it on?

A high-speed train line that would save commuters 23 minutes of their journey time? (you’d need 32 billion pounds for that), or maybe invest it in an NHS computer scheme? (only for it to be scrapped, and come in at the tune of £12 Billion).

A billion pounds doesn’t go a long way in the UK (unless that’s Government tax on petrol and alcohol) – in today’s post we wanted to take a snapshot view of the UK economy in 2011/2012 and answer the question – What do we spend our money on?


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a Billion here, a Billion there - Happier InfographicA Snapshot of the UK Economy (Infographic)Happier.co.uk


  1. HS2 High Speed Train Cost (MSN)
  2. UK Online Gambling (Yahoo Finance)
  3. Cost of the Olympics (The Guardian)
  4. Olympics Revenue – (Wolverhampton University)
  5. Last Minute Christmas Shopping (Metro)
  6. London Transport Costs (BBC)
  7. Greece Bailout – UK’s total liability for supporting the eurozone (This is Money)
  8. Alcohol UK Tax Revenue (The Guardian)
  9. Alcohol Abuse Costs (Full Fact)
  10. Centre for Economics and Business Research (Taxpayers Alliance)
  11. Welfare Costs (UK Public Spending)
  12. Welfare Benefit Fraud (The Guardian)
  13. Cost of sick days to the UK Economy (Price Water Coopers)
  14. Cost of Cybercrime to the UK Economy (BBC)
  15. Mobile Commerce (Kelkoo)
  16. Google Tax Avoidance UK (Independent)
  17. Car Parking Fees (Telegraph)
  18. Domestic Tourism Industry (Visit England)
  19. UK Consumer petrol costs (Talk Talk)
  20. Petrol Tax (IEA)
  21. NHS Spending (National Audit Office)
  22. UK Defence (Nato Watch)
  23. U.K Debt Interest (Economics Help)
  24. U.K’s Richest Person (The Rich List)
  25. The Queen’s Wealth (Telegraph)
  26. Education (UK Public Spending)
  27. Unemployment (UK Public Spending)
  28. Donations to UK Charities (Vol Resource)
  29. Limited Capacity at Heathrow (Bloomberg)
  30. Tesco Revenue & Profit (Tesco PLC Annual Report)
  31. Pensions (UK Public Spending)
  32. Council Pensions Black Hole (Taxpayers Alliance)
  33. Creative Economy – UK Design & Innovation (Enterprise-Education)
  34. Potential UK Tax from Illegal Drugs (Independent Drugs Monitoring Unit)
  35. Climate Change Aid to tackle Developing Countries (Daily Mail)
  36. PPI Scam (Which.co.uk)

A snapshot of the UK Economy. What is your take?

  • Dean

    Really nice tree map graphic – how was it produced?

  • Julian Hearn

    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the compliment.

    The graphic was designed by http://scan-stick.co.uk/



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