Time to Laugh: 39 Funny Money Terms to Make You Savvier

December 12th, 2012 - Posted by in Blog, Happier Life


Sometimes it’s good to take time to laugh – especially with the glum monthly digits we deal with. This piece is chock full of new and unique money terms that have hit the streets. Give it a two minute read, brush up on your money talk, and have a giggle at these terms you may not have heard yet – but could very well hear a lot soon!

Snapple – an insignificant amount of money. What do you do with your Snapple money, Happier readers?

Scrimple – frugal. Are you scrimple or do you throw away your pounds?

MST – money-saving tip. (A phrase we may adopt around here since that’s what being Happier is all about!)

TNA Shower – a short shower where you wash only the “important” parts to save time and money. Yeah, you’ve had one of those before!

Ringtone Money – money that kids throw away on needless things. Do you give your kids ringtone money?

Tight Artist – a savvy spender. Hey! That’s fits you perfectly! That’s why you’re here!

Debt Hoarder – one who intentionally does not pay off his debts. No!! Really?? (Not a term we want you to be associated with you, is it?)

Crunching – saving money during the crazy credit crunch.

Incase Sh*! – money one saves for just in case (i.e. emergencies).

Bag Off! – what someone says to another when he or she is begging for money.

Centsative – when someone is emotional about spending any money. (I get this way every time I have to pay my mobile tariff!) 

Spender’s Guilt - what you get when you see something you could have bought – had you saved your money

Tap & Tip – when a customer orders tap water so he can save money for a better tip. (Admit it, you’ve been there before)

Weedling – the art of wheeling and dealing to save pounds

Supermarket Pub – buying beer or alcohol at the supermarket instead of going to a pub because they want to save money.

Getwell – the process of saving and amassing wealth.

Saveage – shopping online and saving loads.

Tl/smi – too long/spending money instead, refers to a way of life where one spends all their money and saves none.

Coupgasm – the excitement you get when you use a coupon. (And we love our coupons, don’t we??)

1z Up – getting and saving money.

Zipping the Mattress – saving money or possessions when one’s not sure about their financial future.

Loot Loving Lanny – one who loves money and hates spending it on bills or his bar tabs.

Frickle – the art of being frugal and finicky.

Hood Rich – someone who has no money, but still manages to dress like the rich.

Saving Spree – when someone sticks religiously to their budget and spends nothing she didn’t budget for in hopes to save money.

M.S.T. – money-saving therapy. (Something we’re determined to bring you!)

Bundlese – the speak our data and entertainment providers concocted to save us money on bundling our services like internet and phone.

Pulling a Marcus – when you have no money, but you do anything you can to not look poor.

Deconomy – depressed economy (personally or nationally speaking). (We can all relate to this one!)

BMF – blowing money fast (enough said).

Clipping a Cigarette – smoking a bit of a cigarette to save the rest because there’s not enough money to buy more.

Bank in the Tank – getting money with the intention of saving it indefinitely.

Frugan – frugal vegan.

Ghetto Electro – making money at home by saving money on things like electricity.

Plebuary – a time designated to save money in order to make up for holiday spending.

Stacking Ducks – working and getting paid.

Debtin’ – the opposite of ballin’, frugal.

Preloading – drinking copious amounts at home in hopes to save money when pubbing.

Cost defective – spending money on unnecessary goods.

You are now 39 funny money terms richer – stump your friends this week and have fun!

Which ones did we miss that you already knew? Share them in the comments and share this post to get your friends in on the game, too!

  • http://gamerindebt.co.uk Emma

    And here’s me thinking “snapple” was a drink ;)

    I know many a debt hoarder and so glad there’s a word for that!!

  • Julian Hearn

    Me too, I love a snapple.

    Lots of these words were new to me too, loving Plebuary.

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