Ultimate “Debt-Busting” Challenge!!!

December 17th, 2012 - Posted by in Blog, Debt Free in One year

365 days vs. £12000

My title says it all really!

I have debt as many people do but the dirty twist in this tail is my thoughts towards my debt! I’m challenged daily by an unforgivable and inexplicably loud voice that says I need to get rid of it!!! Don’t get me wrong the voice telling me to jack my job in and do that gap year thing I should have done 10 years ago is pretty strong too!

However the unnerving ruthless consciousness instilled in me by my penny-pinching Mother and the steely determination passed on by my ‘spend-it-as-soon-as-I-get-it’ Father who told me that could do anything I wanted too rings even louder and louder!!

However, my Dads ultimate and innate stubbornness to buy what he wants in the face of my Mothers half-joke half-warning of a divorce if he buys another £50 tree for his garden has been twisted, hardened and regurgitated into my entire being and even more so in the journey I’m about to drag you on!!!

Identity protection to the extreme..; -)

My name is NinjaSavingKat! I am a 29 year old “vintage-clothes” loving female working in the grand metropolis of London! Commuting by motorbike ( please see picture for proof – Ha! ) from the sticks to save pennies, with a tabby called Dorothy for cheap entertainment and 10 years of my life stuffed in one room where I now live as a ‘lodger’ for the first time in my life!I’m fast approaching 30 and as with most women my age wish I’d done things differently in every avenue of my life!

The last six months of 2011 and following few months into 2012 were a blur! Not for any substance related delirium but for the simple fact I was not in control of my existence and was being pushed as flotsam and jetsam in a current of destruction traveling wherever the flow felt necessary to take me! I was being molded, a piece of drift wood being rammed into spaces I didn’t fit, losing bits of myself as they were chipped off never to return!

Until something snapped, I woke up from what could only be described as a very blurry dream! I had been presented with the fact I was loosing prospective and needed to be the driver not the sleepy passenger in my own life!  I’d love to insert some swear words here to best describe how annoyed I was with myself but for the sake of decency and the fact I’m a lady I shan’t!

So I came to the ultimate conclusion that the money I owe was holding me back! My ultimate aim is to get what I want instead of awaiting the arrival of a Knight in shining armor.. So I made my list!

  1. A house somewhere somehow in my name that will forever stay in my name!
  2. Three months salary tucked away should I get booted out of my job or lodgings!
  3. Six months of traveling with a sabbatical to boot!

However, what’s the point in even thinking about carpets, time off and the countries I want to explore when I had so much debt, to the point where my mother was supplementing my income each month. This is what I started with..

  1. Credit card = £1000
  2. Ex-boyfriend = £750,
  3. Overdraft  = £1000,
  4. Motorbike Loan = £3000
  5. Land Loan =  £10150!!!

Now I could tell you that everything went on shoes, bags and nights out to make you feel better because everyone has debts right?!  I could tell you that I had bailiffs at my door, that I was living off credit cards and super noodles but I can’t! I’ve never missed a payment on my loans, most money owed was for the motorbike maintenance and the land I bought back home

was a bargain at £14500 for a half acre! But this is still money that isn’t mine despite the lack of what could be classed as frivolity style spending!

Are you thinking about your debts now?? Well good! That’s the whole aim of my blogging! To wake you up from your slumber, to make you face up to what you borrowed and make you realize just how much of a slave you are if you continue as you are!!!

I had what could be classed as a light bulb moment in October of this year! Since then I’ve r

educed my debt from £16600 to just over £12000! How? By being a ruthless, penny-pinching grubby little hoarder who never eats out unless it’s planned and budgeted for the month before and even then it’s limited to once a month! I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or gamble! Saturday nigh

ts are spent doing overtime from 11pm to 7am! Food is Tesco Everyday Value only, larger food orders are made through www.approvedfood.co.uk because it’s out of date and cheaper! I spent November using up everything in my cupboards before buying more and never ever eat in the work canteen! Tupperware is my best friend, popcorn kernels have replaced my beloved Doritos and I have a generous helping of smug satisfaction for breakfast with milk!

So as it stands I only have the following debts left…

  • £8555 = Land Loan
  • £2189 = Bike Loan
  • £2056 = Student Loan

Together and rounded up to a wondrous £12,800!

On the 1st January 2013 I will pay back the following in minimum repayments..

  • £133.24 = Bike Loan
  • £700 = Extra to the Bike Loan
  • £297.42 = Land Loan
  • £220 = Student Loan

Leaving me with £11,450!

HRH Duchess Dorothy of Mog is not so adept at this identity concealment malarky….

This is my journey! I want you along with me! I do not earn enough each month to clear this debt within the year so this is my blog about money-saving to a ruthless degree, and finding out about scams, deals and bargains along the way to help YOU!  I will be blogging about anything that will help me in my journey, from how much money can be saved in supermarkets, to utilizing eBay, Gumtree and the like and especially the free ways of getting money – online surveys!

I will be attempting to earn money anyway I can as long as it’s legal and morally viable and overpaying each month on my loans until they are gone.

Incidentally I have account numbers for my loans added to my current account so I can transfer money on a monthly basis directly adding to the loan depending on how much I have available.  It’s good to know there are options (like loans for people with bad credit) in case anything happens and I can’t pay things off as soon as I wish.

This is not an excuse though to scrounge of friends and family – drop round unexpectedly for food or expect anyone but myself to help myself. I created this mess, I will fix it.


Join me – it will be interesting or at least a little funny!!


  • Abundant1972

    NinjaSavingKat… Hi! That’s an amazing story – and we could almost be living parallel lives – except I’m a guy, don’t ride a bike or live in London… BUT – like you, I’m on a mission to clear all debt by the end of 2013… also live as a lodger with a cat and am determined to be debt free.

    Now what many of you won’t know is that I spied NinjaSavingKat (NSK) in a forum in another life and her single-minded determination inspired me to make some big changes in my own life. At a time when I was weighed down by debt and feeling life was seemingly hopeless – I stumbled across somebody who would not be beaten – and who set an amazing example for me. Don’t get me wrong – she takes NO prisoners when it comes to debt – but that is exactly what I needed. For the last couple of months I’ve been following in her footsteps and trying my best to adhere to challenges she set herself… and in doing so I’ve managed to knock sizeable chunks off my debt.

    I feel like I’m riding on horseback – charging into battle – with NSK at the front hollering her battle cry! I’ve chosen to pick up my sword, and do battle with my debts. I’ve made some sacrifices to the way I live so that in 12 months time I will be able to step into the new year without the burden of debt dragging me down. I have learned from NSK that ‘can’t’ is no longer a word in my vocabulary ha ha!!!

    All I can say is THANKS. You continue to inspire me and in following you here – it means YES!!! I’m signing up to your journey towards financial freedom!!!

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