What Makes a Life Worth Living?

November 2nd, 2012 - Posted by in Blog, Happier Life

This post was suppose to be a roundup of the best positive psychology blogs online in 2012, but instead today I want to dedicate this post to Dr. Christopher Peterson (1950-2012) – one of the founders of positive psychology who recently passed away, at the age of 62.

Peterson was a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, where his research focused primarily on character strengths and how they pertain to such outcomes as happiness, achievement and physical well-being. He was among the world’s 100 most-frequently cited psychologists during the past 20 years.

If you are want to know what are the essentials of a happy, satisfying life? What choices can help you build a life with meaning? watch this amazing talk by Peterson – and learn some deceptively simple — but not necessarily easy — answers.

Chris Peterson Quotes:

“Happiness is a product of our pursuits.
Not necessarily the pursuit of happiness per se, but the pursuit of other things that make life worth living.
So if you take very seriously your work or your family or your community, if you pursue the good in those domains, guess what, you’re going to be happy as a result.”

“People are always looking for the shortcuts.
People are always looking for the seven easy steps, the five easy ways, the magic formula.
I don’t think there are such things, not if you want to have a life worth living.
You have to work at it.”

“Do volunteer work.
And if you can’t do volunteer work, pick up your neighbor’s newspaper and put it on their porch.
Just really small things, if you do them over and over again,
you will build connections with other people.”

“Other People Matter. Period.” – Christopher Peterson [Tweet This]

His legacy will continue to teach and continue to inspire.

Thought for today: What makes your life worth living?

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