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How to add a ebookers promotion code

Go to the ebookers.com website and select the flights and/or hotel you want, then start the checkout process. On the "review and book" stage look for a link near the top left of the page called "Promotion code" (see screen-grab below) click the blue link and a box will appear. Add your code and then click the "Apply & reprice" link. The total price should now include your discount. Finally, complete the checkout process.

How to add an ebookers promotion code


eBookers.com was established in 1999, following the success of the land-based Flightbookers. Dinesh Dhamija separated the two companies and they remained independent until 2007, at which time they were amalgamated again. The company has been floated on the New York and German stock exchanges. The floatation enabled them to expand throughout Europe and hit the headlines in The Guardian and on the BBC website.

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Last Updated June 3rd, 2015

About Ebookers

About Ebookers
eBookers.com is a website specialising in bookings for mid to long haul flights from Europe to Europe, Asia, and the USA. They use an online booking system for customers to book flights at a moment’s notice. They have also expanded into offering cruises, hotels, and transport via rail links in the UK.

Customers can also use them to book their entire holiday. They have a range of exclusive deals, some with discounts of up to 45 per cent. Save more with an ebookers discount code.

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