You want to be happier and this is the team to make your dream come true! Meet the force behind bringing you the most money saving help on the web:

Julian Hearn, Founder

Julian is an entrepreneur with two previous startups behind him. The first,, was started in his bedroom in June 2008. Within 18 months, it had over 1 million monthly visits and was successfully sold within 3 years. He also founded Bodyhack. His background is marketing, having worked with, Starbucks, and Waitrose, and online marketing. He lives in Aylesbury, Bucks with his wife and little boy.

What do you do on the site? I get involved in everything! Writing blog posts, content, adding deals, designing the interface with Milos, organising the team, you name it I do it (apart from code).
Tell us something unusual about you: I once held the world record for the longest conker chain.
What your best piece of money saving advice? I’ve never had a credit card, it’s far too easy to in debt with those bad boys!

Milos Matovic, Designer & IT

Milos has been tinkering with code since the days of the Commodore 64. And has been a professional designer and web developer for over 10 years. With over 5 years experience running his own web development agency, he has built web applications for large corporation and startups alike – some of which grew into websites with millions of monthly visits. He lives in Serbia with his wife and two kids.

What do you do on the site? I’m responsible for all visual and technical aspects of the website, from code to poetry…. well sort of :)
Tell us something unusual about you: I’m kind of “digital hedonist”, love the gadgets which I really don’t need and use often.
What is your best best piece of money saving advice? Life is short and you only have one, spend it wisely.

Sean McColgan, Community & Marketing

Sean McColgan is a blogger and digital nomad who is exploring the world slowly. He makes a living online, living in a new city every few months and is currently located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What do you do on the site? I work on the blog – crafting content based around money / life hacks and on the latest research in the science of happiness. When not personally writing content for the blog – I’m collaborating with super talented writers, story tellers and designers to develop content that is useful for our audience.
Tell us something unusual about you: It’s not really that unusual – but everything I own fits in one bag.
What is your best best piece of money saving advice? Live simply.

Tania Dakka, Blogger & Content Creator

Tania Dakka creates content and web copy that saves business owners time so they can make more money. She’s been spotted on Problogger, BodyHack, and Firepole Marketing because she knows her stuff. And savvy business owners commission Tania to help them do what they don’t have time to.

What do you do on the site? I scour the Net for ways to save you money so you can live the life you want to live. And I help these guys create content that makes you savvier…because, well, you deserve to be happier.
Tell us something unusual about you: I’m a xenophile who hopes to raise her family globally –  soon.
What is your best best piece of money saving advice? Use a goal-centered budget…but don’t be a slave to it.